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Submitted on
August 2, 2014
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I give up, I give in,
My life will always be filled with sin,

I try so hard, to breathe, to live,
But it all ends up falling, crashing, the supports finally give,

I see so many other people, so happy, carefree,
I think to myself, I think about how much I hate me,

Often suicide lingers in my thoughts,
To slit my neck, to be buried 6 feet below, with my cross,

I'm not strong, never was,
I breakdown, I crack, I hurt, just like everyone else does,

Even knowing other people face the same problems,
I feel alone, I feel weak, I feel like the pain never ends,

Thoughts of jealousy fill my mind,
Sometimes I just wish I was blind,

I wish I couldn't see the truth,
And mend all of the problems of my youth,

But the past is a haunting thing,
And I fear that death is the thing that fate will soon bring.
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